Frequently Asked Questions about iStudy

Is there a way to have students submit their responses to the reflective questions?
You can ask students to copy the questions into a word processing document, respond to the questions, and submit this document to you.
Is there a way to preview the tutorials?
Each tutorial title on the Tutorials page links to the content of the tutorial. These are the actual tutorials.
Can students outside the Penn State community use the iStudy tutorials?
Yes. The tutorials can be accessed by anyone via the web. If you own a course in Canvas, you can import the tutorials into it. See the Instructor Information page for more information.
What if I like the content, but would like to change a few things?
The tutorials were created with a product named SoftChalk. To fully edit them, you will need this software. However, if you only need to make minor textual edits, you can use an HTML editor to do so. Contact iStudy with the tutorial(s) you wish to modify and arrangements will be made to send you the tutorial(s) electronically.

iStudy uses a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license. Although Penn State retains copyright ownership, permission is granted to users to make changes to the content of the tutorials and share for no profit the tutorials with others as long as credit is given to the original developers.

Is it OK to share my customized iStudy tutorials with my colleagues?
Yes. You could even create and share for no profit your own libraries of tutorials to meet specific needs of your college or department. When sharing iStudy tutorials, please remember to give credit to the original developers.
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