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If you haven’t heard of iStudy, the suite of web-based tutorials that are available to all students, staff, and faculty, you’ve been missing out. These free, interactive tutorials provide an introduction to a variety of essential college-level learning, life, and job skills from note taking to active listening. The long list of 28 topics now includes technological fluency.

The new tutorial titled “Consuming and Creating in the Digital Age: How Fluent Are You?” is a collaboration between ITS Training Services, Penn State Libraries, and Penn State Media Commons. Technological fluency, especially in the context of information and digital literacy, is vital because no matter what class you’re taking, or what job you are preparing for, you’ll be using technology to solve problems, create new sources of information, and simply get the job done. Today, technological fluency is a foundational skill for successful students and employees.

The new tutorial introduces participants to both information and digital literacy, provides a way to test your own fluency, and delivers information on how to increase your expertise if need be. With interactive exercises, participants are provided with opportunities for information gathering, synthesis, and analysis in using technology to solve problems and create new sources of information. As with all iStudy tutorials, an instructor section is provided that includes strategies and recommendations for classroom inclusion.

By the time participants finish “Consuming and Creating in the Digital Age: How Fluent Are You?” they’ll know why technological fluency is important to them, understand their technological fluency strengths and weaknesses, have a personal action plan for reducing their weaknesses, and have additional resources to learn more. Visit the “Consuming and Creating in the Digital Age: How Fluent Are You?” tutorial page to start learning about technological fluency.

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