psu-lv-students-studyContacts and Credits

The materials for the iStudy for Success! tutorials were originally developed in the late 1990’s at the Jack P. Royer Center for Learning and Academic Technologies, a professional development unit of the Commonwealth College at Penn State University.

Additional materials were developed and assistance was provided by the University Learning Centers (now Penn State Learning) , Penn State University Park.

The current version of the tutorials is administered by IT Learning and Design, part of Enterprise IT at Penn State. Look for individual contribution credits within each tutorial.

Original Version Credits

The development of the original version of  iStudy for Success! tutorials was definitely a team effort.

  • Dr. Ann Deden: Director, The Royer Center
  • Dr. Graham Glynn: Director, The Royer Center
  • Dr. John Harwood: Teaching and Learning with Technology
  • Dr. Marilynne Stout: Director, Education Technology Services
  • Brett Bixler: Senior Instructional Designer
  • Vicki Carter: Instructional Designer
  • Yvonne Clark: Instructional Designer
  • Cindy Decker Raynak: Instructional Designer
  • Catherine Chambers: Writer/Editor
  • Mary Janzen: Writer/Editor
  • Gwynne Kinley: Writer/Editor
  • John Spotts: Instructional Multimedia Producer
  • Brian Clark: Actor
  • Laurie Kemmerer: Actor
  • Edward Reynolds: Computer Programmer
  • Dana Sheikholeslami: Graphics Designer/Illustrator
  • David Stong: Microcomputer Information Specialist
  • Denise Wagner: Graphics Support Specialist
  • Franklin Westbrook: Graphics Designer/Illustrator
  • Beth Witter: Staff Assistant
  • Kyoo-Lak Cho: Graduate Assistant
  • Bonnie Jackson: Graduate Assistant
  • Shawn Jenkins: Graduate Assistant
  • Steven King: Graduate Assistant
  • Pam Loughner: Graduate Assistant
  • Sung Hyun Park: Graduate Assistant
  • Kerry Thorne: Graduate Assistant
  • Wenyi Ho: Intern
  • Gaylene Douctre: Asst. Prof., Exercise & Sports Science
  • Jane McCandless: Counselor
  • Stan Nowak: Assoc. Prof., Sp. Hum. & Social Sciences
  • Jack Ousey: Assoc. Prof., Earth & Mineral Sciences
  • Gerry Santoro: Lead Programmer, Information Technology Services
  • Joe Schall: Instructor, Earth & Mineral Science
  • Larry Spence: Director, Schreyer Institute for Innovation in Learning
  • Erin MacNeal Rehrig: University Learning Centers
  • Angelique Bacon-Woodard: University Learning Centers
  • Michele Steele: Learning Assistance Center Coordinator
  • Andy Tellep: Instructional Design Specialist & CompSci Faculty
  • Joan Thomson: Assoc. Prof. of Rural Soc.
  • Barbara Wade: Sr. DUS Programs Coordinator
  • Carol Wright: Assoc. Libr. Librarianship
  • Kyle Brannon: Acting Director/Graphics Illustrator
  • Dr. Lori Bechtel: Shaped the cooperative learning tutorial.
  • Dr. David Jonassen: Contributed to the problem-solving tutorial.
  • Dr. John Menapace: Shaped problem-solving tutorial & courseware design.
  • Steven Schrum: Arranged freshman interviews.
  • Dr. Linda Shoop: Shaped several tutorials, including Stress Management.
  • David Silverstein: Developed materials for Peer Tutoring.

More Recent Version Credits

Over time, most tutorials were revised several times. People who assisted in updating the content of a tutorial are acknowledged in that tutorial.

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