The iStudy tutorials provide an introduction to college-level learning, focusing on areas in which first-year students often need to build skills, such as study methods, time management, and communication. The tutorials help students prepare for the work that lies ahead of them, both academically and on the job.

Each iStudy tutorial contains the following elements, and additional information is presented as a student team conversation through webtoons and interactive exercises. Instructor guides are also located within each tutorial.

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Directions
  • Activities
  • References
  • Summary

Instructor Guides

iStudy is designed for stand-alone, self-paced instruction. However, tutorials may be easily incorporated into a class. An Instructor’s Guide is located within each tutorial and contains the following:

  • The tutorial’s relationship to other tutorials
  • Tips and suggestions for use
  • Key points
  • A list of activities within the tutorial
  • Assessment instruments where appropriate

Using iStudy within ANGEL

While the iStudy tutorials are stand-alone, they can be linked to an ANGEL course or group.

  1. Determine which iStudy tutorials you would like to use. View the list, then return here.
  2. If you are using an ANGEL course, follow these steps to import an iStudy tutorial.
  3. If you wish to use an ANGEL group, first create an ANGEL group (if you have not already done so) by going to Any instructor, student, or staff person with a Penn State Access Account can create an ANGEL group.
  4. After you have created a group, or if you have editing rights in an existing ANGEL course or group, you may follow the steps to import an iStudy tutorial.

Using iStudy within Canvas

  1. Click Commons in the Canvas Global Navigation Menu (left side of the Canvas window).
  2. Type istudy in the search field, then press Enter or Return.
  3. Click the Welcome to iStudy for Success! link.
  4. In the Import into Canvas area on the right side of the window, select your Canvas course(s) in which to import the iStudy page.
  5. Click Import into Course.

The iStudy page will be added to your course(s) in the Pages section.

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